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Newton County Soil and Water Conservation District 

Why Test Your Well

When you pour a glass of water, you expect it to be pure and safe.  However, pure water rarely exists in nature.  Water absorbs minerals, organic materials, and organisms as it moves through the air and soil into surface and ground water supplies.  So, while most water appears clean and problem-free at the tap, it may not be safe for drinking or acceptable for household activities.  Taste and odor are not always indicators of water quality.  Contaminated water can taste and smell fine, while unpleasant-tasting or smelling water can be safe to drink or use.

If you are one of the 1.7 million private well owners in Indiana, you should know that you are responsible for monitoring the quality of your water.  Testing will help confirm if a problem exists, or give you peace of mind when there are no problems with your water.  If necessary, appropriate treatment will be recommended.




# of households that participated: 56

# of households with high Ecoli: 3

# of households with high Coliform: 10

# of households with high nitrates:  2